About Us

A.L. Pickens Co., Inc. is an electrical manufacturer’s representative firm with longevity in our market. Since 1960 we have been located in Louisville, KY and serve the entire state of Kentucky and southern Indiana. Our team consists of a great combination of industry and A.L. Pickens veterans who have extensive product, industry and market knowledge and over 250 years of combined experience, while we have been adding new talent to our team, bringing new ideas for technology and business growth. Knowledge sharing is ensuring ALP continues to stay relevant and on top of new advancements, providing consistency and superior service to our customers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers and to our manufacturers. We do this by:


We invest in the technology to support our business efficiencies, but also work to utilize our manufacturers technology and tools. We become experts to ensure we are able to train our customers about technology and tools to make their business run smoother.


We continuously are learning and expanding our product knowledge to ensure we are able to take that knowledge and hold training events. We will train our customers and end users in the market to build product and brand awareness in the market.


We utilize tools such as LinkedIn and email marketing to communicate new and exciting products, services, and industry updates to our customers and the market quickly and efficiently. We are currently undergoing a website upgrade to provide more information and resources to our customers.


We commit to have the team in place to meet the needs of our customer. We do this with our team of eight inside sales associates, some being hybrid, product specialists and account managers. Our leadership and outside sales team are committed to growing and developing the team to ensure there is always consistency in place for our customers.


We are a team. We team up with our manufacturers to promote the best products to our customers. We work as a team to ensure that our customers are receiving the best service. We also work to build the relationship with our distributors so they feel like we are an extension of their team.